Active Shooter/Armed Intruder

Quickly determine the best way to protect your own life. Not every rehearsed plan will fit every crisis you face.

View the Run, Hide, Fight video on YouTube and the University Police website.

Run/Evacuate if possible:

  • Have an escape route and plan in mind.
  • Leave your belongings behind. Do not waste time.
  • Encourage others around you to leave if it is safe.
  • Keep your hands visible to responding police officers.

Hide (if evacuating is not an option)

  • Hide in an area out of the shooter’s view.
  • Block entry to your hiding place and / or lock doors, if possible
  • Silence cell phones, but monitor Loyola Alert Notifications while silenced.

Fight /Take action

  • As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger.
  • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter and act with physical aggression.
  • E.g. throw items at the shooter, etc. (reference “run, hide, fight” video online)
  • If possible, team together with individuals in your area.

Remember, 911 from campus phones rings campus police.

911 from your cell phone connects to the City’s first responders (not LUPD)