For Faculty and Staff

In addition to preparing yourself and your families for an emergency, securing your homes and and preparing your emergency go-kit for travel, it’s important to take care of your workspace at Loyola and be ready to teach and provide assignments on Canvas, in the event that a temporary suspension of operations lasts more than several days.

Before you go

  1. Clean out the office refrigerator.
  2. Turn off and unplug all electrical items.
  3. Move files, papers and valuables away from windows.
  4. Move valuables away from ground level, in case of flooding.
  5. Change message on voice mail and email
  6. Alert clients, colleagues and stakeholders that the office will be closed.
  7. Make notes about the status of work so that projects can be easily picked up again.
  8. Back up any personal files and cover computer with a large plastic or lawn bag. 
  9. Pull down blinds.
  10. Lock office doors.

Assigned floor monitors on each floor will ensure that these procedures have been followed prior to evacuation. If a problem arises, it should be directed to the Building Coordinator. 

Click here to learn more about resuming classes on Canvas.

For more information on what to pack in your emergency go-kit, click here.

For additional hurricane planning information, please visit: