Broadway Campus Access

With the return of power on our Broadway Campus and the remarkable job our Facilities team has done with all the necessary inspections and repairs in the past 24 hours, we are pleased to announce the opening of the following facilities (providing air conditioned space with internet access, power outlets and restrooms) from 10am until 4pm daily starting tomorrow, September 3, to our students, faculty and staff still in the area:

All LOYNO faculty/staff may access the Law School Library with their ID card via the rear entrance to the Law School building (accessed via the Lowerline parking lot) next to the law library.  (Please note that no
food is allowed in the library.) 

All LOYNO students, faculty, and staff may access the Broadway Activity Center (BAC) located at the corner of Pine and Dominican Streets using  their ID cards. 

See your email for a map to the entrances.

Feel free to park in any of the parking lots, even if you do not have a current permit.

We hope to maintain this schedule as needed until power becomes more broadly available. We will notify you when we plan to discontinue this service. 

Please be advised that all COVID-19 protocols remain in effect. Masks are required at all times indoors.