Checking in after Hurricane Zeta

Dear Students,

I’ve run out of ways to say, “wow, what a year,” so I won’t bother.   I hope you are safe and managing through what is (for most of us thank goodness) massive inconvenience rather than outright disaster.  I hope that the immediacy of the storm doesn’t distract us from the slow-moving danger of the pandemic.  I hope that this will all end soon. 

Despite warnings of long delays, Entergy has said that it expects to have most of the city up and running by the weekend.  I am glad, at least, that the weather made air conditioning unnecessary. 

For students living on campus, know that Entergy prioritizes restoring power to universities, right after hospitals.   We are in close touch with them and will let you know when they are able to give us any certainty.  (For those of you in Cabra, apologies that the generator failed – we are working hard to get a replacement up and running.)  We are also working closely with Sodexo to get you the best food possible under the circumstances.  They will barbecue outside tomorrow.  

For all of you, regardless, we will open the recreation center tomorrow (with generator power) and the library (without power). Details to come.  We hope to have classes up and running by Monday, but will remain in close touch. 

This is one of those years when nothing in life is easy, or fair.  I am trying my best, despite my own frustration, to remember that most people around the world live with far less than we have, even after a hurricane, even without power, even during a pandemic. 

Please reach out if you need anything and know that each of you is in my prayers and my hopes.  I am so proud of how resilient you’ve been, and so eager that it become less necessary. 


Tania Tetlow