Classes Canceled Next Week; Online Instruction Begins Sept. 13

We are cancelling class this week and next, and we will make up those classes in person during the fall semester (including using the fall break and pushing back exams a few days). We will maximize the time we spend together in the classroom.  

On September 13th, we will begin teaching virtually, hopefully just for a week. If campus has power by then, it will give us time to get back and get situated. If not, we won’t lose any more time.

We should begin to get some clarity from Entergy today, and a prediction for the restoration of power both for campus and the surrounding neighborhoods where many of you live. We can then pick a date in advance so you can make plans and get plane tickets to come back. (But we will continue to be flexible and helpful to those whose power may lag behind. I know that some of you commute from homes in harder-hit areas.)

Yesterday I spent time with students in the residence halls and was blown away by their good spirits and how kind they were to each other. Your families – both at home and here at Loyola –wish that you didn’t have to be this strong.  We wish that life wasn’t quite so hard. But your joy and your resilience inspire us.