Hurricane Delta

If you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry, I think it’s a little bit of both.  For the sixth time this year, we have a storm heading towards us -- and we can’t let those other near misses tempt us to let our guard down.   

Loyola works with StormGeo for very specific forecasts, and they tell us the following:  Hurricane Delta is now a Category 4 storm, but is expected to diminish after it comes across the Yucatan and the cooler waters of the northern Gulf.  It is currently forecast to hit west of us, in the middle of Louisiana. Delta is not a wide storm, so the current track would mean we would experience only tropical storm level winds. And Delta is fast-moving, so is not predicted to cause major rainfall. The initial impacts of the storm should begin mid-afternoon Friday before it hits Saturday morning. 

To give ourselves maximum flexibility, we will plan on having classes virtually on Friday, though for now, campus operations will remain open.  We will be in close touch with any changes.

For those of you whose families live nearby, you may want to head home on Friday (assuming you have been careful about covid exposure.)  

We should all spend time the next few days preparing. Find resources on this website and on NOLA Ready.  

Please watch the news closely and we will be in constant touch.