Hurricane Zeta Update

Hurricane Zeta is now forecast to hit southeast Louisiana this afternoon as a category 2 storm.   We receive specific forecasting for our campus that shows we may get winds of about 75 mph between 4 and 6 pm.  But the storm is moving very quickly and is not expected to be a major rain event or to last very long.

Please take this storm seriously.  To state the obvious, stay inside and keep safe, and be prepared for power outages.   

We are already home and teaching and working virtually today.  Since the forecast timing and strength has changed, we will now cancel classes (and remote work) starting at noon.  For anyone who needs more time, please just take it.   And we are all very grateful to the essential staff who remain on campus to care for our students and community.  

We will be in touch Thursday morning by 7 am to let you know how things stand.