Tropical Weather

A tropical disturbance in the Gulf is expected to become a weak tropical storm and move inland into southeastern Louisiana early on Saturday morning. The worst of the weather is expected to be to the east of the center of circulation. Coastal areas could see winds approaching tropical storm force.
As with any storm or disturbance, scattered power outages are possible, and we are expecting heavy rain in the greater New Orleans area, which could cause street flooding and travel delays. Please be careful driving and consider carefully where you park your car. The city of New Orleans has recommended moving cars to high ground and is allowing cars to park on the neutral ground starting noon today, if needed.
In an abundance of caution, we are closing the Library, Danna Student Center and SportsPlex on Saturday, with plans to reopen Sunday as usual, assuming all is clear.
This weekend is a good time to ensure your household is ready for hurricane season. Visit as you consider a family emergency plan and any necessary precautions.