Update - Sept. 3, 2021

Power is back on the entire campus! And Entergy is now projecting that repairs will be largely completed for the greater New Orleans area by September 8th.

For any of you sweating it out nearby and eager for power and air conditioning, please go to the Broadway campus, but not yet to the main campus. We have repair work and cleaning to do before we can reopen the main campus. For faculty who need to gather their teaching materials from their offices before then, please reach out to LUPD at police@loyno.edu to make arrangements.

We will reopen the entire campus, including the residence halls, September 13th. We are doing some minor repairs in the residence halls and a deep cleaning while we gather staff back together, but we will be ready.

On September 13th, as planned, we will teach virtually for a week. This will give many of you more time to travel back, and to know that you can continue to teach and learn virtually from afar or on campus. (For those of you whose homes are now uninhabitable, we are working on ways we might be of help as you face the daunting challenges ahead.)

  • Faculty – many students left without their course materials, so we are asking you to make copies where you can (even if that just means taking pictures with your phone), or being creative with other materials if you didn’t evacuate with them either.
  • Students – we will make sure to get you access to course materials, and you will be welcome to come to campus for internet and use of library computers if that helps. We are sending you a poll to find out who has more specific emergency needs.   

On September 20, we will begin teaching on campus, with maximum flexibility, because we know that the hardest hit students may not be able to make it by then. Using hyflex mode and recorded lectures when we can, and lots of creativity, we will find a way to help you get through.

You can start making plans around the September 13-20th return dates now, though airline schedules are still a little wonky, so it may be worth waiting a bit.

We also are finalizing the academic calendar now, so that we can make up the two weeks of cancelled classes during the fall semester, and in person. We will be sending that to you early next week. Also, the deadline for dropping classes normally occurs at the end of the second week, so we will push that out until September 17th so you can continue to adjust your schedule.

As we find the way forward, it is very important for us to know your situation and what we might do to help. Students, please fill out this survey.

Faculty and staff, if you haven’t already, check in and let us know how you’re doing. It’s critical that we know.

Our alumni and parents are eager to help, and have begun stepping up to support the Student Hardship Fund. We’ve raised over $9,000 just in the past few days. Students can apply for these funds at any time. We are also creating an employee hardship fund.

In the meantime, we cheer on our facilities team, maintenance workers and LUPD, who are tirelessly working to restore and secure the campus.