Emergency Communications

Staying informed during a crisis or emergency situation can make a serious difference in your experience and any outcomes. First, timing is everything. Having timely information is vital in assisting you in responding to whatever situation you face. Second, official, vetted information can lead you to better decision-making and clarify any misinformation or myths surrounding the situation.

In the case of a life safety emergency, such as an impending hurricane, Loyola Emergency Alerts will be sent to all existing loyno.edu emails, posted to Loyola’s home page and official social media sites, recorded on emergency hotlines, and, perhaps most important, texted to all currently registered cell devices.

Stay Informed! You Are Registered for Text Alerts. But, Is Your Information Up-to-Date?

Text messaging serves as the quickest method to receive an emergency alert directly from Loyola. All Loyola students, faculty and staff should provide an emergency notification phone number to LORA Self-Service for this purpose. You can do that on your User Profile.

Once there, be sure to:

  • Log in to LORA Self-Service using your campus ID and password

  • Once logged in, click on “User Profile” under “User Options”

  • Check whether an “Emergency Notification” phone number is already listed under “Phone Numbers” and confirm or update the information as needed. (This could be the same or a different phone number than any cell phone number you have on record. The text alert will go first to whichever number is listed here.) 

  • If an “Emergency Notification” phone number is not already listed on your User Profile, click “Add New Phone” and provide the information.

Here’s a screenshot:

It’s critical to keep all your contact information up to date on LORA Self-Service. If you have recently changed your primary cell and/or emergency notification numbers as a result of a move, or any other reason, please be sure you have updated your profile.

Important reminder:

It’s also a good idea to sign up for emergency alerts on Ready NOLA, which will issue a text message directly to your cell phone in the event of a citywide emergency.