For Parents and Students

Loyola students are required to file a personal evacuation plan and emergency contact information with the university through LORA, at the start of every school year. It’s important for students and their families to regularly review that plan and discuss any needs or necessary changes — especially before returning to campus in the fall.
In the event of evacuation, Loyola will provide regular shuttle bus rides to the airport for your student several days in advance of an anticipated event. Students are highly encouraged to make plans to evacuate themselves, returning home temporarily, or traveling with family and friends. International students have priority in evacuating with Loyola.

It is important to know that travel will likely be delayed or altered due to tropical weather and should anticipate driving time in, out, and around the city will likely take twice as long as it normally would.

When an evacuation is ordered, students are not allowed to remain on Loyola’s campus, including residence halls. Students must make transportation and lodging arrangements so that they will be safely outside the storm area. Students are expected to take all pets with them during an evacuation. Students will be given guidance and direction from the university with ample time to react and implement courses of action.

See what to pack in your emergency go-kit.

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