Situation status

05/27/2020 - 9:16am

Loyola New Orleans continues online operations through the summer to prepare for reopening safely for the fall semester. Visit our Coronavirus FAQ website for more information.

03/11/2020 - 6:59pm

In consultation with state and city government, we are going to move to online instruction beginning Monday, March 16th, for the rest of the spring semester. In the last few days, it has become clear that there now exists community spread of COVID-19 in New Orleans. We will cancel classes on Thursday, March 12, and Friday, March 13, to give faculty time to finalize their preparations, and to give students time to pack and move out if they plan to leave. Faculty will begin teaching online on Monday. Learn more

02/27/2020 - 4:31pm

The university is currently operating under a normal business schedule, however, we are closely monitoring developments related to the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Learn more

10/18/2019 - 4:13pm

The university is currently operating under a normal business schedule.

10/17/2019 - 1:42pm

Loyola is monitoring a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico with our weather partners. The system may strengthen into a tropical depression or storm, and the projected track shows that it will move south of Louisiana's coast on Friday to make landfall in Florida on Saturday. We are closely monitoring any potential impacts to the New Orleans area but do not anticipate any interruption of our normal operations at this time.

07/15/2019 - 12:06pm

The university is currently operating under a normal business schedule.

07/14/2019 - 10:55am

Dear Loyola Community,

I’m happy to tell you that the campus, and the students who stayed on campus, are fine. We will be back to normal operations on Monday. While New Orleans was spared much impact from this storm, our prayers are with all of you who live in the affected areas around us.

07/12/2019 - 11:07am

The university has completed preparations for the rain associated with Tropical Storm Barry that is possible in the next few days. We have cleaned storm drains, sandbagged certain low-lying areas and prepared our generators. We also have ample supplies of food and water for anyone who must remain on campus.

07/10/2019 - 3:48pm

Dear Loyola community,

Current forecasts predict a tropical storm, or possibly a category 1 hurricane, hitting Louisiana somewhere west of New Orleans on Saturday morning. Here in the city, we face the probability of heavy rains for several days, all on the heels of a prolific thunderstorm today. (For those of you out of town, this morning’s storm dumped about eight inches of rain. Our campus suffered some flooding in the usual low places, and many in our community will have suffered damage to their cars and homes.)

07/10/2019 - 1:44pm

Dear students,

I hope that you, your homes and cars are safe. The campus is safe and dry but the area received more than four inches of rain in an hour, which resulted in significant street flooding. Classes are canceled for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, we are closely monitoring the storm system forecast to hit west of us this weekend. We are in close communication with our own weather service, city officials and the other universities, and will make a decision about the rest of the week by this afternoon, latest

07/10/2019 - 10:59am

Loyola faculty and staff,

I hope that you, your homes and cars are safe, though I know this storm will have affected many of you. We received more than four inches of rain in an hour.

Those of you who would not make it to campus this morning, go ahead and stay home unless your supervisor asks you to come in for essential duties. For nonessential personnel already here, go ahead home once the streets are clear and it's safe.

07/10/2019 - 9:48am

If employees are facing flooding in their areas, please do not attempt to get to work. Alert your supervisor and stay safe and dry.

07/09/2019 - 4:27pm

Dear Loyola Community,

Current forecasts show a weather system potentially hitting Louisiana near Texas later this week, creating a risk of several inches of rainfall in the city. We are monitoring the situation closely, with the assistance of a weather service that provides personalized forecasts for our campus. If the weather does require us to cancel any classes or events, we will let you know with as much notice as possible.

07/09/2019 - 9:44am

We are monitoring the situation and anticipate heavy rain arriving in the area at the end of the week.
We will post updates as necessary.

05/29/2019 - 12:46pm

The university is currently operating under a normal business schedule.