For Faculty and Staff

In addition to preparing yourself and your families for an emergency, securing your homes and and preparing your emergency go-kit for travel, it’s important to take care of your workspace at Loyola and be ready to teach and provide assignments on Canvas, in the event that a temporary suspension of operations lasts more than several days.

Before you go

  1. Complete all staff and student timesheets as soon as possible, as instructed by
  2. Ensure that you have an updated copy of your department’s call tree/roster and have
    instructed your staff regarding follow up communications. 
  3. If an employee notifies you of a recent change to their contact information and/or
    home address, instruct them to update their information in LORA Self Service
  4. Secure all confidential paperwork and systems prior to leaving the office.
  5. Remove all items that are close to windows that could be damaged due to water
  6. Remove all perishable foods from refrigerators and dispose of it outside of the office;
    unplug any appliances (coffee maker, microwave, toaster, etc.). 
  7. Ensure all employees remove personal items that they consider
  8.  Set office phones up to forward to a cell phone, if possible and appropriate.
  9. Ensure all office spaces are secured/locked upon leaving.
  10. Ensure that all interior doors are closed within office suites.

A printable checklist is availalble. Assigned floor monitors on each floor will ensure that these procedures have been followed prior to evacuation. If a problem arises, it should be directed to the Building Coordinator. 

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For additional hurricane planning information, please visit: