Hurricane Ida FAQs

Housing at Spring Hill

Did I miss the window for temporary housing at Spring Hill College? Who can stay?

The team at Spring Hill College has generously welcomed Loyola students to campus for temporary housing. Any arrangements must be made by reaching out to or with the Director of Residential Life at   

What are the accommodations like?

Spring Hill College has a gorgeous campus in Spring Hill, Alabama, a quick drive from Mobile. And the community there is fantastic!  It’s a lovely place to be able to stay while waiting to return to campus.  We are grateful to our fellow AJCU institution for giving our students a warm Badger welcome.

Already Loyola students are getting settled in one of the residence halls. Rooms are generally doubles, with community bathrooms, co-ed by floor.  (Similar to accommodations in Biever Hall.)

Will we be charged for the additional housing?  Will we need to pay for transportation and additional meals?

Your tuition, room and board will cover your stay at Spring Hill College. You will not need to pay additional fees for meals, housing and bus transportation. 

May I bring my car? Will there be additional parking costs? I paid for a permit at Loyola.

You may drive to Spring Hill College, if you wish. 

Will we be integrated to campus or be students at Loyola?

Students who sign up for temporary housing at Spring Hill will live in one of the residence halls at Spring Hill while continuing to study virtually at Loyola. About 150 Loyola students will spend the next few weeks with the Spring Hill community, who have been exceptionally kind and welcoming to our students. 

When will we return to New Orleans and life on campus? How long can we stay? 

The situation is fluid. We plan to return to New Orleans when not only Loyola has power, but the vast majority of businesses and city systems are up and running. We expect that to take a few weeks. We relocated our students from residence halls to temporary housing in Spring Hill to make sure they had comfortable accommodations with power and internet while the city adjusts.  

What about COVID restrictions and mask mandates?  What’s the status at Spring Hill?

There is an indoor mask mandate at Spring Hill College - just like we have at Loyola New Orleans. There are no other COVID restrictions in place at this time. 

What about pets? Emotional support animals?

Sadly, we cannot accommodate pets at Spring Hill.  If you have an already approved emotional support animal through Loyola University’s Office of Accessible Education, you can bring the emotional support animal. You will need to agree to abide by the Emotional Support Animal contract of Spring Hill College.  

When can students at Spring Hill return to New Orleans?

Right now, the situation is fluid and we await more word from utility companies and the city about power, water and emergency support. We plan to return to New Orleans when not only Loyola has power, but the vast majority of businesses and city systems are up and running. We will be in constant communication and let you know in advance so that you have time to make travel arrangements or sign up for the bus to return to campus. We will also allow some flexibility to allow time for our community to return, given individual circumstances. Note that we will need time to have staff in place before we will be able to open the residence halls once campus power is back on.

Loyola Residence Halls

When will the residence halls at Loyola reopen?

We will need time to address any needed repairs and to ensure adequate staff. We will contact campus residents directly when their residence hall reopens.

What about packages sent to Loyola?

The Packages room is currently closed and a hold has been placed on deliveries.  We will distribute any packages once we have returned to campus. 

What about my car? I have a parking permit and left my car in the garage at Loyola. 

If you have purchased a parking permit, it is OK to leave your car in the Loyola garage until you return. 

I left my books and other important things behind that I need for classes. How do I retrieve my belongings from the Residence Halls?

If you need to come to campus to retrieve some of your belongings, please use this form to sign up for a timeslot on Thursday or Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you are unable to come for one of those times, please email to make other arrangements. 


The academic calendar has changed. When is the last date to drop classes? To add them? When is the last day for academic withdrawal? 

The deadline to drop undergraduate and law classes was originally slated for Friday, September 3, (the Friday of the second week of classes.) Given the circumstances, the Provost’s Office has extended the deadline for dropping classes to the first Friday after we resume classes, which is Friday, September 17. We will handle any requests for adding courses on a case-by-case basis.  

Please submit your add/drop requests through LORA and email with any additional questions. 

For those in 8-week online courses, we have extended the “drop” date to Friday, September 10.

The deadline for full tuition refunds remains Friday, September 3rd.

For those in 8-week online courses, the drop deadline was Friday, August 27. If you are from an affected area and have concerns or need to drop a class, please reach out to your advisor before Friday, September 10.

Administrative withdrawals will begin on Monday, September 13th. The Provost’s Office will start reaching out to any struggling students on Friday, September 10 to see how we may assist them.


I am still without power and internet at home. Am I required to relocate somewhere that I can work?

You are not required to relocate. The work that our staff members do is vital to the success of the university and keeping various processes running benefits everyone. Those who are able to work remotely are encouraged to do so, and to help fill in for colleagues who are not in the same position so that we can continue to function as normally as possible. Employees should communicate with their supervisors about their ability to work and keep them informed as circumstances change. For those who are in the New Orleans area and just need power and internet, the Broadway campus is open to the Loyola community from 10am-4pm daily. 

I cannot do my job remotely. Will I still get paid for the week of Sept. 6?

Yes, all employees will be paid for their normally scheduled hours for the week of Sept. 6. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and are supporting all employees regardless of how much they may or may not be able to do at this time.

I do have power and internet where I am, but I am spending a lot of time taking care of family members who are with me. What should I do?

Make your supervisor aware of your circumstances and keep them informed if things change. Please do what you can to ensure other colleagues can fill in for you whenever possible - share working files and documentation of procedures, update your out of office with specific contacts, etc. Taking care of yourself and your family comes first, but to the extent that the university can continue to function normally, that will benefit everyone.

I do have power and internet where I am, but I do not have access to a laptop or computer to be able to work remotely. I am local and could get to the campus to retrieve my PC or laptop. What should I do?

Talk to your supervisor about whether or not you can visit campus to pick up the resources you need to be able to work. If it is possible, you must coordinate your visit with LUPD for access to your building and office. Email to make an appointment. Note that employees are not currently allowed to work in their offices on the main campus while remediation work is in progress. Power and internet are available on the Broadway campus from 10am-4pm daily.